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Residential Basement Alterations

Residential Basement Alterations Must Comply With The 2015 International Code, NJ Edition and Uniform Construction Code Rehabilitation Code
The code may be viewed on the NJ web site
The plan submitted with the BUILDIING permit application is to show the entire basement and indicate the portion being finished. Please note the intended use of the spaces and specify the framing, insulation, wall, floor and ceiling finish material being used.
Fire blocking will be checked on the framing inspection. Fire blocking is to separate all finished and unfinished spaces, ceiling lines, soffits, space behind the new walls and foundation wall at the top; and horizontally at intervals not exceeding 10 feet.  All fire stopping material should be permanently secured. For fire blocking requirements  see code for full text R302.11
A framing inspection is to be scheduled after electric and plumbing rough inspections have been approved.
Insulation inspection is required after framing approval.
Please note:
The code does not permit sleeping rooms/bedrooms  in basements • unless a code compliant window is in the room (R310).
Bath room exhaust fans must be vented outside and will be inspected on the framing inspection (R303.3)
All wood in contact with concrete or masonry is to be treated wood or protected by flashing (R318)
Wood veneer and paneling less than 1/4" nominal thickness shall have a gypsum board backer of not less than a 3/8 inch (R702.5)
Enclosed accessible space under stairs shall have walls, under-stair surface and any soffits protected on the enclosed side with 1/2" inch gypsum board (R302.7)
Continuous graspable handrails with ends returned or terminating at the wall are required, see R311.7.79
Maintain proper clearance around all appliances, flammable materials should not be stored around mechanical equipment